Physiotherapy Exercise

An essential component of your treatment is prescription of exercise to target your specific movement, coordination and strength impairments. Milton Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy exercise consultations in several formats: 1 on 1, duet and small group exercise sessions.


The physiotherapy exercise sessions will include a range of exercises and utilise different equipment to achieve your specific exercise goals. Sessions are held in a therapeutic setting and include the use of pilates equipment such as the reformer and the combo chair.


Our physiotherapy exercise sessions are designed to provide a way of stepping safely from physiotherapy rehabilitation to general exercise. Close supervision enables correction of faulty movement patterns and muscle recruitment strategies to optimise the affect of the exercise approach. Education plays a major part in the exercise session to enable every patient to optimise their self management.


The physiotherapy exercise session will be designed to target your specific movement, alignment, coordination and strength deficits as advised by your treating physiotherapist. This individual approach is underpinned by detailed assessment to identify the underlying mechanisms of the presenting disorder. Close communication will occur between your treating physiotherapist and the physiotherapist running the exercise session. The group exercise sessions at Milton Physiotherapy are small enabling individual guidance for a safer and targeted practice.