Pilates is a form of exercise that is designed to promote movement efficiency. Research shows pilates to be beneficial in populations such as those suffering with lower back pain, poor muscle tone, poor balance and co-ordination.


When performed correctly, Pilates exercises are beneficial in correcting movement patterning, postural alignment, strength and endurance. Other benefits include improvement with balance, co-ordination and breathing. Pilates caters to a wide range of people with varying ability and different conditions. Our pilates is designed to provide a way of stepping safely from physiotherapy rehabilitation to general exercise.


At Milton Physiotherapy, mat and equipment based exercises are prescribed by a physiotherapist with pilates experience. Sessions are held in a therapeutic setting and include the use of equipment such as reformers and the combo chair.


Our pilates program is designed to target your specific movement, alignment and strength deficits as advised by your treating physiotherapist. Close communication of your specific requirements will occur between your physiotherapist and the pilates physiotherapist. The group pilates sessions at Milton Physiotherapy are small enabling individual guidance for a safer and targeted practice.